J Series

The JAH J Series LED panels are the best screens available on the market today! These screens are carefully designed to maximize performance indoors, displaying live video content, while being captured from multiple angles with in house cameras.  These are perfect for backdrop solutions and come with either hanging hardware or ground stack hardware.

JX Series

The JAH JX Series LED panels are available in either 1080p or 720p options! They currently are made to mount flush to a wall.


Rugged and Modern

Below you will see the details of our panels.  This is the J Series shown and the JX series is similar with slightly different housing.

IMAG Ready

Many LED manufacturers advertise exceptional quality when it comes to camera and IMAG applications.  Sometimes, what is advertised does not always look as good as they claim.  Below is a video showing a few lighting variations and camera angles to show you a real world application and what you can expect.

Don't Be Shy

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